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Eskridge & Eskridge, provides a full rage of legal services to individuals, partners and groups who desire to start and form a new business or to expand an existing business. Our attorneys will help you select the best business structure for your venture.


Startup Finding The Way


"In order to archive and sustain business growth you need a strong foundation".... Reginald Eskridge, Esq




Deciding the Business Structure That is Right for You


Determining the appropriate business structure for your new business should be based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors to consider are: who will be the owners of the business, who will manage the day to day operations, who will serve on the Board of Directors, how will the business be initially financed, what potential business liabilities will be harmful for the proposed venture, and what are the initial tax consequences for the business. Our attorneys will discuss these, as well as other considerations, with you during your initial consultation.

We will help you understand and realize what business entity structure model is right for you, because the right model can lead you to your business growth goals at a faster pace and more smoothly. Possible business structures we would need to consider include the following:


Sole Proprietorship
General Partnership

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Corporation (C Corporation)
Corporation (Sub Chapter S)



Business Partner



In addition to the firm's assistance with the business entity selection, we also assist our clients with the following tasks that may be necessary to ensure a strong foundation for growth and business stability:


Partnership Agreements
Operating Agreements
Creation of Corporate Bylaws
Members Agreements
Written Consents
Independent Contractor Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Employment Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Stock and Asset Purchase / Sale Agreements
501 (c)(3) Filings
and much more


We provide the guidance you need in dealing with legal issues that new businesses face. Once your business is established, our firm can continue to provide advice and counsel in your business transactions, corporate governance, employee matters, commercial leases and any litigation matters that may arise throughout the life of your business.


At Eskridge & Eskridge, we provide experience and cost-effective business formation services and ongoing business representation for the "entrepreneur" business owner.


Our firm can help you organize and structure your business so that you know where you stand and how to move your business forward toward reaching your business and personal objectives.



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