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What is a General Counsel?


Simply stated, a General Counsel is a licensed attorney who is the chief legal advisor for a company and serves primarily to advance the objectives of the business. The General Counsel acts in a professional capacity as an attorney and, as such, is subject to the rules and regulations governing the practice of law. Despite this general title, however, the General Counsel is more than just a legal adviser to a company or entity; a General Counsel affects the full range of the company’s decisions. As your company's General Counsel, the attorneys at Eskridge & Eskridge will ... "Stand With You."



The goal of the General Counsel is to plan for the future of the company, institute measures to prevent future litigation, and monitor the activities of the organization, it’s officers and its employees. The General Counsel endeavors to ensure that the organization is in compliance with all applicable laws and protects the legal rights of the company from abuse by others. One might be aware of recent corporate scandals which prompted the enactment of federal legislation such as the Sarbanes - Oxley Act. Although this legislation affects publicly held corporations, this law has called attention to all companies, even privately held companies who do business with public corporations and governmental agencies, to monitor much closer their company’s internal and external activities.


While much of the General Counsel’s work is to avoid litigation, lawsuits cannot be avoided, in those cases, the attorneys at Eskridge & Eskridge will ... "Stand With You." Whether it is in pursuit of protecting the company’s rights or defending it from lawsuits, the General Counsel must be prepared to oversee all litigation matters, particularly in cases where the company is involved in interstate commerce. Often, the General Counsel will work with outside law firm attorneys preparing and defending the company or business from lawsuits and is involved in all stages of litigation, from the discovery process through settlement negotiations or trial.




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