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"Who will handle your business affairs if you are not physically or mentally able to do so? A Durable Power of Attorney will answer that question."



A Durable Power is a document in which you authorize another person, who is called your agent or attorney in fact, to act for you. In the Power of Attorney document you give your agent the right to transact business on your behalf. The agent my sign your checks, pay your bills, sign legal documents, even sell real property. Your agent can handle all matters that you normally would.


At Eskridge & Eskridge, we believe that making the decision to execute a Durable Power of Attorney is one of the wisest steps our clients can take in completing their Estate Plan. This document can save you and your estate thousands of dollars should the need arise that you become incapacitated by illness, accident or disease and are unable to handle your affairs and require a Conservatorship. (See our section on Conservatorship for more information)


In selecting a person to have your Power of Attorney, it is important to select someone that you trust completely. A durable power of attorney can take effect in one of two ways. If you wish, it can take effect immediately. Or you can provide that before the durable power of attorney takes effect, two physicians must state, in writing, that you are incapable of handling your affairs. The latter is called a “springing” durable power of attorney. During your personalized consultation with us we will explain every aspect of this document and discuss in detail with you and why we at Eskridge & Eskridge feel the Durable Power of Attorney document is one of the most essential elements of a complete Estate Plan.


A Durable Power of Attorney ends at your death. Your agent retains no further authority to handle your finances. If you want your agent to settle your financial affairs after you die, you need to name that person as your personal representative in your will.



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