Client Conservator and Her Mother


"Probate Court Building in Memphis, Tennessee"



What is Probate?



Probate is the legal process governing the final settlement of a deceased person's affairs, including the legal transfer of their property after death.



What Happens during a hearing in Probate Court?



Once a petition is filed with the Probate Court, a hearing is held before a Probate Judge and, depending on whether the deceased person left a valid Will, the Court shall issue Letters of Administration that will be used to recover assets and settle the affairs of the Estate on behalf of the heirs and creditors.




The Probate Process May Include:



Notifying any known creditors of the Estate
  • Conducting an Inventory of all Estate property
Paying off any Estate debt
Notifying any Beneficiary of the Estate of possible bequests
Payment of verified Claims

Sale of property

Payment of Local, State and Federal Taxes
Proving the Will valid
Maintenance of Estate property
Locating Heirs

Distribution of assets to the Heirs in accordance of the Will or

Tennessee Statute

and many other steps may be required



The Probate Court Jurisdiction:



In Shelby County, Tennessee, Probate Court has jurisdiction to hear matters regarding:



Wills and Estates
Name Changes
Correction of Birth Certificates
Judicial Hospitalizations under the Mental Health Law






Client Conservator and Her Mother


"Probate is the process by which the wishes outlined in your Will are carried out ... like your desire to leave a legacy to your loved ones





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