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"Your Last Will and Testament can accomplish several objectives."


A Will is a legal document by which you instruct what is to be done with your property after your death. It must be properly signed and properly witnessed. Any person who is of sound mind and is eighteen (18) years of age may make a will in Tennessee. A Will is an essential component of a complete Estate Plan. We at Eskridge & Eskridge stand ready to assist you in preparing a comprehensive Estate Plan that will provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are in order.



Eskridge & Eskridge can assist you in drafting your Last Will and Testament, the document which allows you to designate:


Your Wishes for the Distribution of Your Property
Who will receive your property
Special gifts to friends
Donations to your Church or special Charity
How you wish to provide for the future of your children and grandchildren
Who will raise your children if you die while they’re still minors, and your spouse is unavailable to care for them
Whether your Beneficiaries receive their inheritance outright or in a trust
Who will distribute your estate to your beneficiaries


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