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Business Formation Agreements

Eskridge & Eskridge focuses on matters related to Business Formation, Consulting, Business Law, Non Profit, 501 (c)(3), Trademark, Service Mark, Copyright, Business Succession and much more.

Eskridge & Eskridge, provides a full rage of legal services to individuals, partners and groups who desire to start and form a new business or to expand an existing business. Our attorneys will help you select the best business structure for your venture. We can help your organization minimize a tug of war between partners, members, stockholders and or board members.

Business Member Tug Of War

"In order to archive and sustain business growth you need a strong foundation".... Reginald Eskridge, Esq



We assist our clients with the following tasks that may be necessary to ensure a strong foundation for growth and business stability:

Partnership Agreements
Operating Agreements
Creation of Corporate Bylaws
Members Agreements
Written Consents
Independent Contractor Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Employment Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Stock and Asset Purchase / Sale Agreements
501 (c)(3) Filings
and much more


Eskridge & Eskridge, can provide the guidance you need in dealing with legal issues that businesses face. Once your business is firmly established, our firm can continue to provide advice and counsel in your business transactions, corporate governance, employee matters, commercial leases and any litigation matters that may arise throughout the life of your business.

At Eskridge & Eskridge, we can help you organize and structure your business so that you know where you stand and how to move your business forward toward reaching your business and personal objectives.

We are ESKRIDGE & ESKRIDGE Law Firm and for over 30 years we have assisted Clients with countless transactions, contracts and legal issues affecting their business. We employ innovative solutions and resources to tackle the tough challenges our Clients face to help them achieve and advance their goals and objectives.

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Starting a business is a very serious matter, even though it can be fun. In our opinion it is “Best Practice” to go over the issues with you or the team about the new enterprise such as ownership matters, early withdrawal of one of the members by choice or death, non compete matters and may more. Our experienced attorneys can help navigate these issues. Contact us to arrange a consultation with the team.

We would need to consult with you to get addition information before we can recommend a productive direction. You matter may have recourse under state law. Contact us for confidential consultation.

Depending on you selection of business entity you want to form you may or may not require any formal documents. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

We can help your organization minimize a “tug of war” between partners that could acure , between “buddies,” business members, investors, stockholders and or board members.

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