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Traffic Tickets

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Traffic Tickets

Have you been charged with a Tennessee Traffic Ticket? So you want to fight your speeding or traffic ticket?

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Sometimes you can't afford to take off work to handle a Traffic Ticket call Eskridge & Eskridge now.

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You might want to protect your Driving Record.

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We will fight to clear your name and your driving record.

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Call Eskridge & Eskridge for a free consultation so that we can discuss your case. We may be able to appear in Court on your behalf and have your ticket resolved. Our step by step approach can mean the difference between a dismissed ticket and a mark on your driving record. Put our experience to work for you. We handle many traffic tickets every year for our clients and we can help you fight your ticket too. Remember, “We'll Take Care Of You.”

While speeding tickets may not seem like a big deal, getting a ticket can actually have additional consequences. You may be facing higher insurance premiums. The State of Tennessee assigns points to your yearly driving record. The accumulation of too many points may affect your driving privileges in Tennessee and elsewhere.

Our goal is always to keep the ticket off of your driving record, without you having to appear in Court, and to ensure that you can move forward with little or no impact on your driver's license, car insurance, and your driving record!

At Eskridge & Eskridge Law Firm, we represent clients in traffic courts all over the state of Tennessee. We are often able to negotiate a traffic violation down to a non-reportable offense. If we cannot negotiate such a deal, we have the trial experience and skill to challenge your speeding ticket or other violation at trial.

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Contact us as soon as possible so that we can advance your options. We are available to repersent our Clients in Traffic Court.

Yes we handle Suspended License Cases see information about thease types of cases here in our website. i>Suspended License

Yes the City Court Clerks will allow you to make installment payments. The arranged payments must be made timely or you License could be suspended.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can advance your options before further action by the court are taken that could effect your ability to drive in Tennessee.

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